Springing into Action!

This spring has been one for the record books, literally and figuratively, for both our business and personally as well.

We will start on the business end…To start the spring off we had a great group of turkey hunters.  I was able to watch two amazing things happen during this turkey season! IT began with a young hunter making an amazing shot with his bow and killing two turkeys with one arrow! (On a side note, it is legal to kill two birds at once in some states.)  He did this not by head shooing two but by waiting for their vitals to be aligned perfectly and making a great shot!

Next that young hunter’s father completed his world slam with us! Now I know many people who have done this with a gun, but he was the first I have met who had done this with a bow. That is quite a feat!

The rest of the season was a blur; we had a few other hunters complete their slam with us and we saw many hunters kill either their biggest turkey or their first turkey with us this spring! The 2017 turkey season was one of our most successful and most enjoyable season yet at SRO!

The spring of 2017 also brought a partnership with Antler King Seed Company, check them out on our Partners in the Outdoors page.

We here at SRO are excited to see these seeds in our food plots. As these food plots grow I can already see the difference they are making by holding more deer on our properties.  This is just one of the many things we are doing at SRO to try and make our season the best ever for our clients.

Now for the personal side…Spring of 2017 was a very, very special spring for my family. My youngest son, Eli, killed his very first turkey.

My oldest son, Kurt, killed a huge bird that his mother, my wife, called in for him.  Then my wife and I also killed good birds ourselves to end out the season.

But the spring hunting didn’t stop there for us! After turkey season came to an end my wife and I made the trip to Saskatchewan for our first black bear hunt with Safari River Outfitters (you can also check them out on our Partners in the Outdoors page).  We both killed bears on the same day.  My bear was a good Pope and Young bear, my wife however had to outdo me by shooting an absolute giant Boone and Crockett bear with a bow!

We are looking forward to what the future holds for us at SRO, but it is going to be hard to top the spring of 2017!  We will do our best however because that is what our clients have come to expect of us!

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I’d like to tak the time to thank the Outfit for their excellent hospitality and their very well-managed properties. The shot opportunities were great, and the harvest of my first 12 pointer was even better. The Burkhart family made me feel very at home. Keep up the good work! It’s appreciated by all.


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