2016 Early Summer Whitetail Report

Summer is in full swing, and it never ceases to amaze me how fast time flies by. The days are about as long as they could be, and every corner of nature is teeming with life. This is about the time of the year that serious whitetail hunters get antsy. They start doing all that they can to tip the odds in their favor for a successful deer season.

You can multiply the anticipation that a typical whitetail hunter feels, many times over, for me. By this time of the year, I am losing myself in all the preparations needed for another fruitful year and loving it. What I am doing will result in a lot of happy hunters in a few months. That is very motivating. It is also exciting because I have a lot of confidence that this year is going to be the best whitetail year to date. My Kentucky location is getting plenty of attention. What follows are the highlights of what we are doing.

Food Plots

Food plots are primarily clover and we are mowing regularly for maintenance. At the end of July, I will add turnips, oats and wheat to the mix. This is a veggie banquet that any buck would find hard to resist.


Corn feeders play an essential role in drawing and keeping deer in my prime hunting spots. They offer several important benefits as compared to simply placing corn on the ground. The corn feeders are more efficient because corn is released by a timer. For example, eight or ten pounds of corn can be released daily instead of just dumping 100 pounds of corn on the ground. This method keeps deer around and saves money and resources in the process. Where these feeders really shine is that I do not have to replenish the food sources as often. This means deer patterns are not disrupted by me walking into those locations. We also do not run the risk of corn being used up without knowing it. We do not want the deer losing interest. Corn will go into the feeders starting July 1st.



Every piece of hunting equipment that we will be using needs to be sorted through and inspected. There is nothing worse than having a shortage of equipment, breakdowns or malfunctions when everything counts the most. We need everything in optimal condition. Our Rangers need new oil and basic upkeep. We are constructing a fire pit for hunters to enjoy and making sure that the lodges are clean. We are also gathering all of the supplies necessary for our lodges to run smoothly.

Tree Stands

Tree stands are a significant piece in my summer preparation, especially this year. I am setting up 24 new tree stands—no small task! If you will be shooting from a tree stand this season, now is the perfect time to practice a few shots from a stand to get reoriented to that type of shooting. It sure is different compared to shooting at a range. The stands I am setting up are Millennium tree stands. They are, in my opinion, the safest and most comfortable stands that you will find anywhere.


Trail Cams

Brand new Cabela’s Trail Cameras are going up at my locations as well. When setting them up, one of the main things I look for is a location where we will be able to hunt successfully regardless of the direction of the wind. Another important aspect to these sites is selecting field edges with multiple deer trails in the vicinity. I am already seeing pictures of some big bucks on those trail cams, and that is just what we want. Next week, my trail cam scouting will really kick off.

I have 30 cameras in Kentucky. Each trail camera can take as many as 800 to 1200 pictures per week. So from here on out, I will be looking through 20,000 to 30,000 photos on a weekly basis! Starting in July, I will also do some “in the field” scouting to get the very best read I can on my hunting sites.


It truly is an exciting time of the year to be afield. And even though it may seem that deer season is a long way off, I know better. I will blink and it will be time and we will be ready. If you are looking for a whitetail hunt that you won’t soon forget, now is the perfect time to contact Salt River Outfitters so that you are set up and ready to go. I am looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Happy summer to you all,


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